Wines By The Glass


GLERA, N/V, NINO FRANCO ‘RUSTICO’ PROSECCO SUPERIORE, VENETO                                         12.00

This wonderful Prosecco offers very fine, pleasant bubbles caressing the palate. It is crisp and exudes courageously elegant, fresh, lively fruit and flowers with notes of bread dough and citrus. It has a fresh and toasty nose with pear and citrus fruit notes, followed by a persistent effervescence.

MONTEPULCIANO, 2017, VALLE REALE ‘CERASUOLO’ ROSE, ABRUZZO                                       10.50

Tart cherry, strawberry and wild herb flavors radiate from the glass. Bright fruit flavors with brisk acidity and a defining minerality culminate in a long and balanced finish.



Wonderful hints of cranberry, raspberry and a generous burst of cherry emanate on the nose. Wild flowers are apparent and a healthy acidity making it a perfect food wine. This rose is dry and unique; the production is very small and it is from the commune of La Morra!


PINOT GRIGIO, 2016, FANTINEL ‘SANT HELENA’, FRIULI                           11.00

The bouquet has hints of citrus fruit, which evolve into an even more mature bouquet. It has a pleasantly dry and slightly tannic taste that soothes the palate.


GARGANEGA, 2016, BUGLIONI ‘il DISPERATO’, VENETO                                          10.50

Straw yellow in color, with a golden shimmer, this Garganega has intense aromas of flowers and tropical fruit, most notably pineapple and mango. It boasts great structure, is round on the mouth-feel, retains beautiful acidity and it exhibits exceptional balance.


GRECHETTO, 2016, CHIORRI ‘TITUS’, UMBRIA                                          9.50

This medium-bodied, dry wine attains a beautiful nose, with a rich palate exuding notes of lemon, stone fruit and gentle tropical fruit. The finish lingers and is bright and dry with subtle touches of almond.This wine showcases the best Central Italy has to offer!


CORTESE, 2017, VILLA SPARINA GAVI DI GAVI, PIEMONTE                                      11.00

Appearing straw yellow in color with fragrances of wild flowers and minerals, this Gavi Di Gavi also offers hints of peach, meyer lemon, thyme and ripe apple. It yields a full and rich mouth-feel with harmonious and noble aromas. 


CHARDONNAY, 2016, ELIO GRASSO ‘EDUCATO’, PIEMONTE                                      14.00

Glistening gold in the glass, this elegant and unassuming Chardonnay displays aromas on the nose, of caramel and subtle hints of butterscotch. The ‘Educato’ is full bodied, with notes of nutmeg and honey.  It appears crisp, lemony and rich, with just the perfect amount of oak.




DOLCETTO DOGLIANI, 2017, PODERE CELLARIO ‘SAN LUIGI’, PIEMONTE                                     12.00

A refreshing and serious wine from the acclaimed area of Dogliani. Invigorating and intense, this Dolcetto is the pride and joy of Fausto Cellario, offering blackberry and raspberry fruit, with a lingering herbal finish. 



‘Il Baciale’, in Piedmont translates to matchmaker; this wine in fact originates from the perfect marriage of Barbera, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and is quite an original for Piedmont. A warm mouth feel presides, with plum, black pepper and cinnamon. It is an elegant and complex wine 


SANGIOVESE, 2015, RODANO CHIANTI CLASSICO, TOSCANA                                       13.00

All organic, this elegant Chianti Classico is honest, bright and very attractive. It offers beautiful aromas of cherry and plum, followed by roses and fresh spice.  It appears medium bodied with a deep ruby red color. This is well-balanced Chianti Classico and elegance and grace shine throughout.


MONTEPULCIANO, 2015, LA VALENTINA  ‘SPELT’, ABRUZZO                                        13.50

This wine opens with hints of Mediterranean spices, though a pleasant, earthy, mineral tone can also be noted. It bestows a rush of sensations without losing quality and suggestions of blackcurrant and mulberry wait to combine with traces of coffee and cocoa. 


CORVINA/ROND/MOL, 2014, MASI ‘CAMPOFIORIN’, VENETO                                          10.50

Smooth and velvety, yet approachable and versatile; this wine combines simplicity with style, strength and majesty. It exudes dark berries, dried cherries, plum with vanilla, cinnamon and spice notes.


CAB SAUV/SANG/CAB FRANC, 2014, TOLAINI VALDISANTI, TOSCANA                                       15.00

On the palate, Valdisanti is full-bodied with deep but reserved fruit flavors framed by rich oak. The excellent balance of fruit intensity with fine tannins indicates a cellar worthy wine.





Wines of the North and Northwest 



LAMBRUSCO DI SORBARA            N/V                             CLETO CHIARLI (SPUMANTE)                                           EMILIA ROMAGNA                        38

PINOT NERO                                  2006                            BRUNO GIACOSA EXTRA BRUT (SPUMANTE)  PIEMONTE                                     98

NEBBIIOLO/BARB                          2017                            TREDIBERRI LANGHE ROSATO                                          LA MORRA                   /PIEMONTE                 46

ARNEIS                                          2017                            VIETTI ROERO                                                                    PIEMONTE                                     48

ARNEIS                                          2016                            BRUNO GIACOSA ROERO                                                  PIEMONTE                                     58

ERBALUCE DI CALUSO                 2014                            LUIGI FERRANDO ‘LA TORRAZZA’                                    PIEMONTE                                     46

NASCETTA                                    2015                            COGNO ‘ANAS~CETTA’                                                    PIEMONTE                                     68

CORTESE                                       2017                            VILLA SPARINA GAVI DI GAVI                                         PIEMONTE                                     42

TIMORASSO                                   2015                           VIGNETI MASSA ‘DERTHONA’                                          PIEMONTE                                     55

CHARDONNAY                              2016                            ELIO GRASSO ‘EDUCATO’                                                 PIEMONTE                                     54

BIANCHETTA GENOVESE              2015                            BISSON ‘U PASTINE’                                                         LIGURIA                                         52



DOLCETTO DOGLIANI                   2017                            PODERE CELLARIO ‘SAN LUIGI’                                        PIEMONTE                                    46

DOLCETTO D’ALBA                       2016                            BROVIA ‘VIGNAVILLEJ’                                                     PIEMONTE                                     52

BARB/P NOIR/ CAB S/MER           2015                            BRAIDA ‘IL BACIALE’ MONFERRATO ROSSO                    PIEDMONT                                                       50

BARBERA D’ASTI                           2015                            BRAIDA ‘MONTEBRUNA’                                                   PIEMONTE                                    46

BARBERA D’ASTI                           2016                            VIETTI ‘TRE VIGNE‘                                                           PIEMONTE                                    42

BARBERA D’ASTI                           2011/2013                  VIETTI ‘LA CRENA’                                                            PIEMONTE                                     90

BARBERA D’ALBA                          2015                            VIETTI ‘SCARRONE’                                                           PIEMONTE                                     80

NEBBIOLO/BARBERA                     2010                            GABRIELE SCAGLIONE ‘TUTTO DIPENDE                         PIEMONTE                                     66

                                                                                          DA DOVE VUOI ANDARE’ LANGHE ROSSO                      

NEBBIOLO                                      2016                            TRAVAGLINI ‘COSTE DELLA SESIA’                                 PIEMONTE                                     38

NEBBIOLO                                      2014                            VIETTI ‘PERBACCO’                                                           PIEMONTE                                     52

NEBBIOLO                                      2013                            SAN FEREOLO ‘IL PROVINCIALE’                                      PIEMONTE                                     75

NEBBIOLO                                      2013                            GABRIELE SCAGLIONE ‘COME UN VOLO’,   BARBARESCO                        PIEMONTE                                     80


NEBBIOLO                                      2014                            PRODUTTORI DEL BARBARESCO                                       PIEMONTE                                     80

NEBBIOLO                                      2015                            CASTELLO DI VERDUNO BARBARESCO                            PIEMONTE                                     80

NEBBIOLO                                      2014                            GIUSEPPE CORTESE ‘RABAJA’ BARBARESCO                    PIEMONTE                                     98

NEBBIOLO                                      2012/2013                  VIBERTI ‘BUON PADRE’ BAROLO                                       PIEMONTE                                     100

NEBBIOLO                                      2012                            MICHELE CHIARLO ‘TORTONIANO’ BAROLO  PIEMONTE                                     100

NEBBIOLO                                      2013                            COGNO ‘CASCINA NUOVA’ BAROLO                               PIEMONTE                                     100

NEBBIOLO                                      2013                            VIETTI BAROLO ‘CASTIGLIONE’                                        PIEMONTE                                     100

CHIAVENNASCA/MERLOT           2014                            NINO NEGRI VALTELLINA SUPERIORE ‘QUADRIO’           LOMBARDIA                                  48

CHIAVENNASCA                           2013                            NINO NEGRI VALTELLINA SASSELLA SUPERIORE            LOMBARDIA                                  75

CHIAVENNASCA                           2011                            ARPEPE VALTELLINA SUPERIORE SASSELLA                                     LOMBARDIA                                  100

                                                                                                      RISERVA ‘STELLA RETICA’




Wines of the Northeast 




GLERA                                           N/V                             NINO FRANCO ‘RUSTICO’ PROSECCO                              VENETO                                         46

GLERA                                           2012                            NINO FRANCO ‘PRIMO FRANCO’ PROSECCOVENETO                                         70

MERLOT/CABERNET FRANC         2016                            NINO FRANCO ‘FAIVE’ ROSATA                                       VENETO                                         45

CHARDONNAY                              2010                            FERRARI ‘PERLE’                                                                TRENTINO                                      72




GARGANEGA/SAUV/CHARD       2016                            ANSELMI ‘SAN VINCENZO’                                               VENETO                                         36

GARGANEGA                                 2016                            BUGLIONI ‘il DISPERATO’                                                  VENETO                                         40

GARGANEGA                                 2015                            INAMA SOAVE CLASSICO ‘FOSCARINO’                          VENETO                                         50

PINOT GRIGIO                                2016                            FANTINEL  ‘SANT HELENA’                                               FRIULI                                            42

PINOT GRIGIO                                2016                            CANTINA TERLANO                                                          ALTO ADIGE                                  42

PINOT GRIGIO                                2015                            VIE DI ROMANS ‘DESSIMIS’                                              FRIULI                                            80

PINOT BIANCO                              2015                            J HOFSTATTER                                                                   ALTO ADIGE                                  45

GRUNER VELTLINER                      2017                            ABBAZIA DI NOVACELLA                                                 ALTO ADIGE                                  42

SAUVIGNON BLANC                     2017                            CANTINA TRAMIN                                                             ALTO ADIGE                                  42

SAUVIGNON BLANC                     2017                            CANTINA TERLANO ‘WINKL’                                            ALTO ADIGE                                  64




PINOT NERO                                  2016                            J HOFSTATTER ‘MECZAN’                                                 ALTO ADIGE                                  45

CORV/ROND/SANG                      2015                            ZENATO VALPOLICELLA SUPERIORE                               VENETO                                         36

CORVINA/ROND/MOL                  2014                            MASI ‘CAMPOFIORIN’                                                      VENETO                                         40

CORV/ROND/SANG                      2014                            ALLEGRINI ‘PALAZZO DELLA TORRE’                               VENETO                                         45

CORV/ROND/MOLINARA             2013                            MASI BROLO ‘CAMPOFIORIN’ ORO                                   VENETO                                         76

CORV/ROND/MOLINARA             2014                            REMO FARINA AMARONE                                                 VENETO                                         105

REFOSCO                                       2011                            LA RONCAIA                                                                     FRUILI                                            90




 Wines of Central Italy



MONTEPULCIANO                         2017                            VALLE REALE ‘CERASUOLO’ ROSE                                   ABRUZZO                                       40

SANGIOVESE/PRUG GENTILLE     2017                            LA SPINETTA IL ROSEDI CASANOVA                             TOSCANA                                      38

PECORINO                                     2017                            TALAMONTI ‘TRABOCCHETTO’                                        ABRUZZO                                       40

TREBBIANO D’ABRUZZO                2013                            VALLE REALE VIGNA DEL CONVENTO DI                        ABRUZZO                                       60


VERNACCIA                                  2015                            MONTENIDOLI ‘FIORE’                                                      TOSCANA                                      40

VERNACCIA                                  2012                            MONTENIDOLI ‘CARATO’                                                  TOSCANA                                      70

VERMENTINO                                2015                            COLLE MELACCE                                                              TOSCANA                                      40

PINOT GRIGIO                                2016                            CASTELLO BANFI ‘SAN ANGELO’                                                       TOSCANA                                      48

GRECHETTO                                  2016                            CHIORRI ‘TITUS’                                                                UMBRIA                                         36

ROSCETTO                                     2012                            FALESCO ‘FERENTANO’                                                    LAZIO                                            55




MONTEPULCIANO                         2016                            TALAMONTI                                                                      ABRUZZO                                       32

MONTEPULCIANO/MERLOT         2013                            TALAMONTI ‘KUDOS’                                                       ABRUZZO                                       42

MONTEPULCIANO                         2015                            LA VALENTINA  ‘SPELT’                                                   ABRUZZO                                       52

MONTEPULCIANO                         2010                            VALLE REALE ‘SAN CALISTO’                                          ABRUZZO                                       80

LACRIMA DI MORRO                     2014                            VELENOSI                                                                          MARCHE                                        34

SANG/MONTEPULCIANO             2015                            VELENOSI ROSSO PICENO ‘IL BRECCIAROLO’                  MARCHE                                        34

SANG/ALICANTE/MALVASIA NERO      2013                            MORELLINO DI SCANSANO ‘LE PUPILLE’                         TOSCANA                                      42

SANGIOVESE                                 2016                            CASTELLARE CHIANTI CLASSICO                                    TOSCANA                                      46

SANGIOVESE                                 2015                            RODANO CHIANTI CLASSICO                                           TOSCANA                                      50

SANGIOVESE                                 2013                            MONTECUCCO ‘CAMPI NUOVI’ RISERVA                         TOSCANA                                      60

SANGIOVESE                                 2014                            QUERCIABELLA CHIANTI CLASSICO                                TOSCANA                                      68

SANGIOVESE                                 2013                            FRESCOBALDI CHIANTI RUFINA                                                                                                                                                                                                         RISERVA ‘NIPOZZANO’                                                       TOSCANA                                      56

SANGIOVESE                                 2013                            SELVAPIANA CHIANTI RUFINA                                                                                                                                                                                                          RISERVA ‘BUCERCHIALE’                                               TOSCANA                                      70

SANGIOVESE                                 2012/2013                  FELSINA CHIANTI CLASSICO                                           TOSCANA                                      105

                                                                                          RISERVA ‘RANCIA’                                                            

SANGIOVESE/COLORINO             2015                            CORTE ALLA FLORA ROSSO DI MONTEPULCIANO          TOSCANA                                      38

SANGIOVESE                                 2015                            IL POGGIONE ROSSO DI MONTALCINO                            TOSCANA                                      60

SANGIOVESE/MER/CAB SAUV    2014                            CORTE ALLA FLORA VINO NOBILE DI                              TOSCANA                                      45


SANGIOVESE/CANAIOLO             2013                            VALDIPIATTA VINO NOBILE DI MONTEPULCIANO          TOSCANA                                      60

SANGIOVESE/CANAIOLO             2012                            CARPINETO VINO NOBILE DI MONTEPULCIANO                                                                    60

                                                                                          RISERVA                                                                            TOSCANA  

SANGIOVESE                                 2012                            CASTELLO BANFI BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO               TOSCANA                                      155

SYRAH                                           2009                            BRAMASOLE ‘LA BRACCESCA’                                         TOSCANA                                      110

SANG/MER/CAB                           2016/2017                  ALTESINO ‘ROSSO DI ALTESINO’                                      TOSCANA                                      40

CAB/SANG/CAB FRANC              2014                            TOLAINI ‘VALDISANTI’                                                     TOSCANA                                      58

CAB/CAB FRANC/MER/PET VE   2015                            ARGENTIERA ‘VILLA DONORATICO’                                 TOSCANA                                      60

SANGIOVESE/CAB/MERLOT        2015                            TENUTA SETTE PONTI ‘CROGNOLO’                                 TOSCANA                                      70

CAB SAUV/MER/AL/CAB F         2007                            POGGIO VERRANO ‘DROMOS’                                           TOSCANA                                      90

SAGRANTINO                                2011                            ARNALDO CAPRAI ‘COLLEPIANO’                                    UMBRIA                                         85




Wines of the South and the Islands




MONICA/CARIG/CANN                2017                            PALA ‘CHIARO DI STELLE’ ROSE                                      SARDEGNA                                    38

NERELLO MASCALESE                                    2017                            GIROLAMO RUSSO ‘ETNA ROSATO’                                  SICILIA                                          50

GRECO                                           2015                            MASTROBERARDINO ‘NOVA SERRA’ GRECO DI TUFO      CAMPANIA                                    52

INSOLIA/GRECANICO                                     2015                            COS ‘RAMI’                                                                        SICILIA                                          62

CHARDONNAY                              2011                            DONNAFUGATA ‘CHIARANDA’                                        SICILIA                                          80

CHARDONNAY                              2013                            PLANETA                                                                           SICILIA                                          80

VERMENTINO                                2017                            ARGIOLAS ‘COSTAMOLINO’                                             SARDEGNA                                    38





MONTEPULCIANO/AGLIANICO    2013                            DI MAJO NORANTE ‘RAMITELLO’                    MOLISE                                          40

NEGRO/PRIM/CAB                        2013                            TORMARESCA ‘NEPRICA’                                                  PUGLIA                                          36

NEGRO AMARO                             2014                            LI VELI ‘PEZZO MORGANA’ RISERVA                                PUGLIA                                          40

NERO DI TROIA                              2014                            BOTROMAGNO                                                                  PUGLIA                                          42

AGLIANICO/MONTEPULCIANO    2014                            BOTROMAGNO ‘PIER DELLE VIGNE’                                 PUGLIA                                          75

NERELLO MASCALESE                  /NER CAP  2016                            GIROLAMO RUSSO ‘A RINA’ ETNA ROSSO                        SICILIA                                          58

NERO D’AVOLA/FRAPPATO         2014                            COS CERASUOLO DI VITTORIA                                         SICILIA                                          66

NERO D’AVOLA                             2015                            MAZZEI ‘ZISOLA’ NOTO ROSSO                                        SICILIA                                          54

NERO D’AVOLA                             2015                            FEUDO MACCARI ‘SAIA’                                                   SICILIA                                          75

NERO D’AVOLA                             2012                            CUSUMANO ‘SAGANA’                                                     SICILIA                                          94

CAB SAUV/NERO/TANNAT          2012/2014                  DONNAFUGATA ‘TANCREDI’                                            SICILIA                                          80

NERO/MERLOT/CAB                     2010                            CUSUMANO ‘NOA’                                                            SICILIA                                          110

CANNONAU                                  2014                            PALA RISERVA                                                                  SARDEGNA                                    60

CARIGNANO/CAB/MERLOT         2013                            AGRICOLA PUNICA ‘BARRUA’                                          SARDEGNA                                    100



Specialty Reserve from Jen’s Cellar



CHARD/P.BIANCO/P.NERO          2007                            CA’ DEL BOSCO FRANCIACORTA                                     LOMBARDIA                                  140

                                                                                           ‘CUVEE ANNAMARIA CLEMENTI’                                                                                          

CHARDONNAY                              2011                            CA’ DEL BOSCO ‘CURTEFRANCA’                                    LOMBARDIA                                  100



CHIAVENNASCA                           2011                            NINO NEGRI ‘CINQUE STELLE’ SFURSAT                          LOMBARDIA                                  120            

CHIAVENNASCA                           2007                            ARPEPE VALTELLINA SUPERIORE SASSELLA                                     LOMBARDIA                                  150

                                                                                                      RISERVA ‘ROCCE ROSSE’

BARBERA D’ASTI                           2014/2015                  BRAIDA ‘BRICCO DELL’UCCELLONE                                PIEDMONT                                                       100

BARBERA D’ALBA                          2013                            VIETTI ‘SCARRONE’ VIGNA VECCHIA                              PIEMONTE                                     150

NEBBIOLO/BARBERA                     2013                            LA SPINETTA ‘PIN’                                                            PIEMONTE                                    100

NEBBIOLO                                      2012                            RENATO RATTI BAROLO ‘CONCA’                                    PIEMONTE                                     140

NEBBIOLO                                      2012                            MARCHESI DI BAROLO BAROLO ‘CANNUBI’                     PIEMONTE                                     165

NEBBIOLO                                      2012                            COGNO BAROLO ‘RAVERA’                                               PIEMONTE                                     140

NEBBIOLO                                      2012                            VIETTI BAROLO ‘LAZZARITO’                                            PIEMONTE                                     175

NEBBIOLO                                      2010                            PAOLO SCAVINO BAROLO RISERVA                                 LA MORRA                   /PIEMONTE                 235

                                                                                          ‘ROCCHE DELL’ ANNUNZIATA’

MONTEPULCIANO                         2012                            LA VALENTINA; INAMA ‘BINOMIO’                                  ABRUZZO                                       100

CORV/ROND/OSELETA                2014                            ALLEGRINI AMARONE DELLA VALPOLICELLA                VENETO                                         145

CORV/ROND/MOL                        2012                            MASI ‘COSTASERA’ AMARONE DELLA VALPOLICELLA  VENETO                                         135

CORV/ROND/MOL                        2011                            MASI SEREGO ALIGHIERI                                                  VENETO                                         165

                                                                                          ‘VAIO ARMARON’ AMARONE DELLA VALPOLICELLA     

SAGRANTINO                                2012                            ARNALDO CAPRAI ‘25 ANNI’                                            UMBRIA                                         160            

SANGIOVESE                                 2013                            CASANOVA DI NERI BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO           TOSCANA                                      120

SANGIOVESE                                 2011                            LE RAGNAIE BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO                       TOSCANA                                      140

SANGIOVESE                                 2013                            ALTESINO BRUNELLODI MONTALCINO                           TOSCANA                                      140

CAB SAUV/MERLOT/SYRAH        2009/2010                  VIGNAMAGGIO ‘OBSESSION’                                            TOSCANA                                      100

CAB/SANG/MERLOT                    2015                            TENUTA SAN GUIDO ‘GUIDALBERTO’                              TOSCANA                                      110

MERLOT/CAB/CAB FRANC          2014                            LE SERRE NUOVE DELL’ORNELLAIA                                 TOSCANA                                      132

SANGIOVESE/MERLOT                 2010                            FRESCOBALDI ‘LUCE DELLA VITE’                                   TOSCANA                                      180

CAB SAUV/SANG/MERLOT          2008                            TENUTA SETTE PONTI ‘ORENO’                                        TOSCANA                                      175

CABERNET SAUVIGNON               2015                            FELSINA ‘MAESTRO RARO’                                               TOSCANA                                      120

NERO D’AVOLA                             2012                            DONNAFUGATA ‘MILLE E UNA NOTTE’                           SICILIA                                          140


Magnum Bottle Selections


SANGIOVESE                                 2004                            NOZZOLE CHIANTI CLASSICO ‘LA FORRA’ RISERVA       TOSCANA                                      250


                  Half Bottle Selections


CHARDONNAY                              NV                               FERRARI BRUT                                                                   TRENTO                                         30 (½ BOTTLE)

PINOT GRIGIO                                2017                            ALOIS LAGEDER                                                                ALTO ADIGE                                  28 (½ BOTTLE)

VERDICCHIO                                 2016                            BUCCI VERDICCHIO CLASSICO                                        MARCHE                                        25 (½ BOTTLE)



BARBERA D’ASTI                           2014                            LA SPINETTA CA` DI PIAN                                               PIEMONTE                                     30 (½ BOTTLE)

NEBBIOLO                                      2010                            GAJA BARBARESCO                                                           PIEMONTE                                     150 (½ BOTTLE)

NEBBIOLO                                      2012                            MAURO MOLINO BAROLO                                                 PIEMONTE                                     65 (½ BOTTLE)

SANGIOVESE                                 2011                            CASTELLO DI BOSSI CHIANTI CLASSICO                         TOSCANA                                      27 (½ BOTTLE)

SANGIOVESE                                 2014                            CASTELLARE ‘IL POGGIALE’                                             TOSCANA                                      45 (½ BOTTLE)

                                                                                          CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA                         

CORV/ROND/CROAT/OSEL         2013                            TENUTA SANT’ANTONIO AMARONE                                VENETO                                         52 (½ BOTTLE)